Getting Your Clinic Ready Post-Lockdown

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Here's the reopening checklist you need for your salon (or clinic!) to make sure you're ready for business.

Make sure everyone's vaccinated.

This has to be your top priority. In these times, ethically operating your business should always be at the top of your reopening checklist, and it starts with your team. Get vaccinated, make sure your whole team is vaccinated, and you shouldn't have any shortcuts. Have the attitude that you shouldn't take anything for granted because getting infected can happen fast and easy.

In the same vein, make sure your clients are vaccinated, too. It's hard to say no to clients, but as we've stated above, now isn't the time to cut corners. There is no barring that. Even though hundreds and thousands of people in the UK are getting vaccinated every day, we have to be diligent in ensuring everyone's safety. Don't skip out on the opportunity.

Make sure everyone's being screened.

On top of making sure everyone's vaccinated, be diligent and consistent with screening your team. Whether that means temperature checks, swab tests—choose methods that everyone will be comfortable with because you'll be doing it regularly.

For your clients, consider adding a screening form as they book their appointment. It won't take much from them apart from filling out a form that keeps track of their health (as well as contact tracing), and it holds all parties accountable should you encounter any issues. Maintaining your and your client's health is of the utmost importance, and it's better to go through the slight discomfort or inconvenience of a health screening than risking everyone's safety.

Make sure everyone's wearing the proper attire (if needed).

Everyone wearing a mask is a non-negotiable for every business, especially in aesthetics. Still, it also doesn't hurt to take extra measures to ensure that there will be little to no risk of congestion or contamination. For example, if wearing gloves isn't already a must-have for your salon or clinic's team, it won't hurt to incorporate it for the time being.

Make sure everyone's social distancing.

Maintain the 2-metre rule for when you have quite the waitlist for your clients. If you can afford to, employ the one in, one out rule when you're operating in a smaller workspace. You can even go further back and use an online-only booking and payment system. That means everyone books their appointments online so operations can run smoother and more quickly, and prohibiting walk-ins because of the danger it can pose for someone to spontaneously walk into your salon and clinic without adhering to the proper guidelines.

Make sure your workspace(s) are safe for everyone.

It may seem tedious, but maintaining workspace cleanliness and sterilisation will have to be your business's best friend until the pandemic ends. Make sure to have a sanitiser for everyone, and sterilise your workspace and tools as often as possible (we recommend doing it per client). This is so everyone can feel safe in your salon or clinic, knowing that you and your team are working towards having a clean environment where all they have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy their results.

And lastly, keep a positive attitude! It can be a bit tense to be thorough with maintaining a clean and safe environment for your clients, so it's essential to be just as enthusiastic pre-lockdown because that's what takes home a positive experience!

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