How to Expand Your Clinic or Salon

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If you've found your footing with your business and you're looking for tips on how to expand it efficiently and successfully, these are all you need to know.

Cover all your bases with insurance.

Like we've mentioned before:

Once you've received your certificates and qualifications, go straight to getting insured because that's the most important thing you need for your business before anything else. This protects both yourself and your clients and builds the trust necessary for you to gain a clientele.
On top of that, take the time to research where you'll source your products. If you're an independent prescriber, you can order your products through online pharmacies. Products are also available at your practice (or wherever you're hired), as well as online stores like Faces. Prioritise your chosen products' quality and make sure your stock is sterile, in date, untampered, and appropriate for use.


Take your branding seriously.

The mark of every legitimate business is original, authentic, and consistent branding. If you hadn't created a brand book before you established your business, you might want to consider making one now.

A brand book is essentially a guide where you list down all of your brand elements. At the fundamental level, we can split this into two parts. First is your brand's visual identity. This means your logo, colour palette (we recommend having at least three colours in your brand colour palette—but five is the best!), fonts (you need at least two fonts—one for header text and one for body text), and brand elements like graphics and photo filters. The second part is your brand voice and tone. This is all about how you choose to speak as a brand. Do you talk casually or formally to clients? Do you use modern slang, or do you prefer to keep all communication professional across all platforms, both online and offline?

Don't forget to write these down!

Utilise your loyal clientele.

Now that you've got loyal clients and perhaps have even partnered with influencers—use that to your advantage! Repost your clients' selfies on your social media accounts, maybe even promote their testimonies. You can also have your influencers promote your salon or clinic whenever you've got a new set of available booking dates. You can even create a contract with your influencers that stipulates a consistent stream of promotion in exchange for treatments—that's what influencers are for. It's a free advertisement, and it's an excellent way to build brand credibility without spending too much money.

Expand your expertise.

Not only should you do this to expand your business, and in turn, boost your profits, it'll soon become a non-negotiable for practitioners to attain certain kinds of qualifications to perform non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Maybe you've seen the term "Level 7 Qualification in Injectables for Aesthetic Medicine" floating around, and for a good reason. Though it isn't mandatory to have this qualification, it's been designed by the industry's governing bodies to ensure you're practising aesthetics at the highest and most ethical standard. It's always a good idea to have the highest level of qualification you can get for aesthetics, so it wouldn't hurt to consider!

Hire the right people.

With your business growing, it's essential to have the right team with you to be alone in going through the growing pains. You can't do everything by yourself, so you need to surround yourself with passionate, savvy, like-minded people who will be dedicated to growing your business with you and going above and beyond your own goals. You also need these employees to be proactive, creative, and patient because all small businesses always struggle to expand! You'll need a crew where you're all hands on deck, and of course, the rightly qualified people who know how to grow your business outside of providing treatments. Be picky with your company, because it'll just be you working towards one goal!

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