How to Take Photos of Your Work

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Selling your content online is one of the most—if not the most—important factor in establishing and growing your business. Your social media accounts also act as your work portfolio. Your before and afters, client portraits, and videos all matter as they represent your skill as a practitioner, which is why it’s a no-brainer that learning how to take excellent photos and videos should be part of your training!

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to learn how to take amazing photos without the need to hire a photographer or use an expensive camera. Here are a few essential tips that you can use so your content is high-quality, highlights your work, and will grab the attention of potential clients:

So when it comes to taking photos, please be mindful of the lightning. It shouldn’t be too warm or cool, but of course, you can always touch that up in your preferred photo editing tools. But as a general rule, shoot in HDR, find the best lighting before taking photos, and always make sure that your phone camera’s lens is focused on the treated area, so the image is crisp. These are the most important things to take note of.

Next, consistency is key, and the photo looks better if the before and after photos look identical and symmetrical (except for the treated area, of course). If the treated area looks blurry or unfocused, that won’t be salvageable, even in Photoshop.

If you have an iPhone (and Android as well, if it’s available on your preferred camera app), my tip would be to do burst photos in different angles instead of taking one shot at a time. Here are some tutorials:


For burst photos, all you have to do afterwards is to pick out the best pictures and make a before and after collage.

Also, if you can, record videos of the treatment! It’s always nice to have video content of you guys actually doing the work, which you can do a time-lapse of, and a 10-second video of the finished treatment.

Here’s a neat checklist that you can use as a reference for your aesthetic treatments:

  • Before and after treatments (do these sets of photos and videos for all treatments, including influencers)
  • Before photos – profile and frontal
  • After photos – profile and frontal
  • Before videos – left-to-right of the client’s whole face
  • After videos – left-to-right of the client’s whole face
  • Highlight video – slowly hover over the ‘final’ look and show different angles
  • Procedure video – film the whole procedure being performed at a clear angle where the viewer can see the syringe going into the client’s face

And those are the basics! Plenty of other clinics, salons, and practitioners go above and beyond with their editing, but as long as you’ve got the basics down and prioritize taking high-quality, clear photos, you’re all good.

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