This Is How You Build Your Clientele on Social Media

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Social media is officially an integral part of your career or business’s success. You may be the most skilled and qualified aesthetics practitioner in the industry. Still, you have to pair that with being social media-savvy. If you’re not there yet, you can start here with these quick steps: 

Choose your platforms wisely

It’s easy to say you’ll attack every social media platform and start grinding. Still, more often than not, you’ll end up only consistently using one or two platforms. It’s best to start with Instagram and Facebook because they’re the two most popular platforms and have the most versatile selection of post types you can utilize. It’s convenient, too, because you can connect your two accounts and simultaneously share content across platforms, saving you time from double-posting. Keep in mind to switch to a business account, too. You can always add more as you go along!

Make yourself easily accessible

Once you make your Instagram and Facebook accounts, make sure to include all of your information on there: your name, contact information (email and cell phone number), work locations and dates, and a little blurb about yourself. If you’re affiliated with a clinic or salon, have a booking button available on both of your profiles. Being easily accessible to your clients skyrockets your chances of having a dedicated clientele because convenience is a priority for everyone.

Brand yourself well

This is where you should remember that visuals will play a large role in getting noticed online. You don’t have to hire a design team to brand yourself. Still, even just something as simple as choosing a colour scheme or fonts or cartoonifying yourself can make the biggest difference when it comes to building your brand. When you brand yourself, you become easily recognizable, which makes you easy to remember. When you’re easy to remember, you’ll always be at the top of people’s minds when they think about getting an aesthetic treatment. Don’t forget to have fun with it, too! This is your chance to imbue your personality in your craft, and everyone loves real and relatable people.

Put maximum effort on your posts

Admittedly, this is the most difficult part of building your clientele, but once you learn the tricks of the trade, it’ll be as easy as muscle memory. Remember to always take high-quality pictures and videos of your treatments, and utilize them in any way you can. That means making before and after photos and videos, client photos and videos, and writing down important and relevant treatment information in the captions. Make sure to fulfil the three main media objectives: be informative, be educational, and be entertaining. This includes treatment descriptions, prices, and what clients can expect from getting a treatment with you. Don’t forget to use location markers, hashtags, and editing apps, too!

Be consistent with your social media presence

When you’ve got your post ideas down pat, the next step is to be consistent with it. From an efficiency point of view, it’s better to queue your posts every week or every two weeks so that you don’t have to remember to post something every day. That way, you’ll have the advantage of curating your feed so your content will be varied and reach different audiences. It’ll give you the time to choose the best content that you know will gain traction.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and start conversations

Don’t be afraid to follow back, and don’t be scared to follow first! Your business will only be as successful as how hard you’re willing to work, so put yourself out there and strike up conversations with potential clients, and be as warm and open and casual as possible to get their attention as a person first, and a practitioner second. Like and comment on posts and Stories, engage in small talk, make people feel better about themselves. Never underestimate how quickly you can befriend someone online, and you’ll never know who you’ll come across!

Ask your clients to write testimonials

To the clients, you already do have, make sure they’ve written or recorded a testimonial for you to post on your social media platforms. So you have a foundation of legitimacy and credibility! This just starts a conversation and helps build trust within your prospective clients through word of mouth, which has always been the most effective form of marketing and advertising.

These are just the fundamentals of bolstering your career or business via social media—don’t forget to pay attention to the new trends and rising platforms that you’ll eventually need to hop on to solidify your brand further. Apart from these seven steps, one thing you always need to have is open eyes and ears to the digital world!

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