Aesthetics, what's next?

Kanvas Cosmetics

Two years ago, the aesthetic industry was booming but no one expected and no one was ever prepared when this COVID-19 pandemic hit. Definitely everyone was adjusting, getting more conscious on health and finances. Eventually, with more people on social media, with more influencers and several beauty contents, people started leaning into aesthetics.

Where are we now with aesthetics? What does the future have for aesthetics?

According to experts in the aesthetics industry, and among other aesthetic trends, here are some treatments included in the trendlist:

Anti-wrinkle treatments - help remove and prevent lines caused by aging

Fillers - restore volume or enhance a certain part of the face, dermal filler can achieve this

Skin tightening - Dermapen: an organic and non-invasive way to kickstart your skin's "rebirth"

Non-surgical nose jobs / Rhinoplasty - dermal filler that uses hyaluronic acid fillers. The hyaluronic acid filler sharpens your nose to your desired shape. 

Non-surgical face lift / PDO Threading - lift the skin to improve your appearance, although the results of the procedure are more heavy duty than most.

With the advanced studies, practitioners are looking into upgrading and finding more techniques to cater more of people's needs.

Looking for some treatments you’ve been thinking about for months? If you want anything sorted, Kanvas Cosmetics offers a variety of treatments getting more advanced.

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