Getting the skincare you deserve

Kanvas Cosmetics

Kanvas Cosmetics Skincare. Have you tried it yet? If you are someone that likes to try out new products or doesn’t know where to begin, this is your sign! The skincare products range all the way  from a fresh cleanser to completing daily regime with a nourishing moisturiser that leaves your skin feeling its best!


This complete package will revitalise your skin and leave you with the perfect glow, what more could you want?! The bespoke kanvas Vitamin ACE Serum will give your skin a vitamin boost. If you want softer skin that is glowing and protected from external lifestyle factors then read on…


Investing in your skin is always on trend so that’s why we are here to help! Using natural ingredients that not only will you love, but your skin will too.


Here are our top tips to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy:


  • Always double cleanse (you won’t regret it!). The first cleanse removes product and the second cleanse will clean the skin.
  • Once you have cleansed your skin, follow with a cool water rinse. This will help to close your pores so that your skin is prepped for the next skincare steps.
  • Use the signature Kanvas lip scrub and balm twice a week to keep your pout plump and hydrated (If you have had a lip filler treatment with us, this is your GO TO!)
  • We receive lots of questions around the under eye health and how to improve the skins elasticity – don’t worry, we’ve got you… Use our Kanvas eye cream day and night to hydrate the delicate under eye skin. Gently pat in and watch as the fine lines soften, leaving you with a brighter appearance.

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