How to Support Your Practitioners During Lockdown

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Everyone needs a morale boost, and aesthetic practitioners are no exception!

As we're nearing the end of the lockdown, we should be spreading nothing but good vibes to our aesthetic practitioners—who've been out of a job for more than half a year.

It's been tough on all of us, and though 2021 didn't seem like the complete fresh start we were all hoping it would be, we're still pushing for a proper do-over once it's safe to go outside.

In the meantime, here are a few ways we can give our favourite aesthetic practitioners the motivation they need while we ramp up the end of the lockdown:

Give them a (juicy) review.

We've all seen those one-liner reviews on Facebook and Instagram that don't really say anything about the treatment or practitioner, so that's what we're not gonna do! When writing your favourite practitioner a review, don't be afraid to tell a story. Describe your experience from start to finish: how your practitioner walked you through the process of your treatment, how the actual treatment went, and any helpful post-treatment tips you were given. It benefits them so much more than just a standard compliment because it gives him more credibility, which gives prospective clients the confidence and security they need to book in!

Interact with them on social media.

For most aesthetic clinics and practitioners, having a prominent online presence is essential to their success—so don't be shy and keep up with them on social media. Like their posts, watch their Stories and videos, give them some love in the comments, and spread the word whenever they've got new content up. Algorithms are getting more challenging to beat (or even understand), so it's crucial to constantly engage with their content so it'll keep on showing up on your feed. Online awareness and retention are key when they're not able to take appointments!

Show off their work.

Now's the time to make the most out of #ThrowbackThursday by showing off your treatment results on your social media! Post selfies, videos, whatever you can think of—and we're sure your practitioners will appreciate it more when you get creative. Because aesthetic practitioners are out of jobs until the lockdown ends, they have little to no resources to advertise their services, and that's where the clients can come in. Give them free advertising through your photos and videos, and it'll make a huge difference when it comes to audience retention.

Other things you can do—that not all practitioners can offer, so this only applies to a few—is to buy treatment vouchers for yourself (and maybe as a gift to other people) to use in the future or book in for online consultations. This is also something we can't all do, given the pay cuts and layoffs, but if you can, it's nice to support them financially, even in small ways like these.

Really, the key here is to keep their business afloat by boosting their online presence, and if you can go the extra mile by giving them a few pounds on vouchers and online consultations, then all the better.

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