Skincare: How to Get Skin Glowing Brighter Than Your Future

Like the online beauty world and makeup culture, the growing skincare addiction craze has met its fair share of love and scrutiny. Despite all this, these skincare rituals and procedures do have validity behind them and it's only a matter of doing your research and seeing which one is right for you, should you undertake the journey of reaching perfect skin paradise.

Beauty experts have predicted that a streamlined skincare routine will be in fashion this year (goodbye, 10-step Korean skincare routine!) and we couldn't agree more. With all these new trends taking over the beauty sphere, some even being no more than cash-grabbing fads, it's easy to get overwhelmed. In reality, maintaining a simple and straightforward kit of products to protect and nourish your skin is all you need; everything else is optional.

Basic morning skincare routines usually consist of cleansing, toning, moisturising and applying sun protection before applying makeup and heading out the door. In the evening, it's more or less the same process, but if you're a daily makeup wearer, you'll need to insert a pre-cleanse at the very beginning of your evening routine. Every week, you can treat yourself to a face mask and an exfoliator, to renew your skin and encourage cellular turnover while having a cup of tea. Top it all off by keeping an uber moisturising lip balm with you at all times and your skincare routine is set.

The regimen itself is as easy as pie, but the journey of finding the right products for you is where you'll need some patience. But don't worry, the internet is more than happy to help you out, with blogs like Lab Muffin and fanserviced-b giving you all the information you need to turn yourself into a skintellectual. There's also the popular r/SkincareAddiction community on Reddit, where you can find crowdsourced product recommendations and helpful guides to steer you in the right direction on your skincare journey.

Facials aren't a new concept, so much so that different iterations have been invented to keep the market saturated. But if you're looking for an effective treatment that'll give you radiance that can't be matched by any highlight, we highly recommend a Dermapen facial. We stand by using the Dermapen to perform facial treatments because of its guaranteed efficacy and the science behind the powerful tool.

Here's a description of one of our popular Dermapen treatments, the Skin Rejuvenation and Collagen Boost:

Using the Dermapen to rejuvenate your skin is one of the fastest-rising trends in the market, and for a good reason: the results are instant, the downtime is minimal, and the procedure is virtually painless. The Dermapen stimulates the production of collagen in the skin by creating minuscule punctures on the surface from the microneedling. These punctures will self-heal in time, and the "rebirth" occurs. The collagen build-up will continue to grow, and you're left with healthy, glowing skin 24/7.

This particular facial is a crowd favourite because it transforms your skin into a smooth and bright canvas; not to mention the treatment takes no more than thirty minutes and the results will last quite a while, with ongoing collage stimulation. What's not to love?

Now, if you're looking to combat the fine lines and wrinkles that have begun to appear on your face, what you might want to consider is Botox. In the mainstream, Botox is known to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which in turn gives the face a youthful, ultra smooth, line-free, looks-as-though-you've-been-Photoshopped-in-real-life appearance. On its own, it takes years off your face and amplifies your radiant appearance (supplemented by your skincare routine), and if you wear makeup, it gives you a smooth and virtually flawless base. Every selfie will look perfect—no Facetune required.

If you think you're a candidate for Botox and you're looking for a trusted clinic to have your fine lines and wrinkles banished, we offer several anti-wrinkle treatments that are tried-and-true and go beyond hiding the effects of ageing. Apart from our anti-wrinkle treatments, we offer variations of facelifts and hyperhidrosis treatments, as well. 

With all these trends, tricks, and treatments, which ones will you go for and which ones will you forgo? 

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