The Rise of Russian Lips

Lip augmentation has been a cosmetic trend in order to achieve a fuller and plumper lips. Lip filler or injection is a type of lip augmentation that is used by many. Now, a new lip filler technique called the Russian Lips is trending and is a more advanced technique to achieve a natural doll-like pout. It is perfect for a model-like lips with a natural finish. What makes Russian Lips different and how is it done?

Russian Doll Look: Russian Lip Filler Technique

Russian Lip Technique, or Russian lips was derived from Russian nesting dolls. It is another option to go for instead of usual lip fillers with different results. When you see russian lips, you almost resemble it as a heart-shaped lip but essentially this is about giving a lift or adding more volume in the center and accentuate the cupid’s bow to look like a Russian doll. The lips would be flatter and higher thus shortening the distance between the base of the lip and chin. Just like the common lip fillers, hyaluronic acid dermal filler injectables are used to achieve the desired fuller lips. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body and can improve the shape, structure, and volume of the lips.

It is best for people new to getting lip fillers since the Russian technique gives more natural-looking results and not an exaggerated plump. People with existing lip fillers needs to dissolve those fillers at least 2 weeks prior to the conduct of Russian lip fillers.

Difference of Russian Lip Fillers from Traditional Lip Fillers

Generally, the difference of Russian lip fillers vs. traditional or common lip fillers is on the technique used or how the fillers are injected. Traditional lip fillers are injected horizontally into the lip to uniformly increase the lip volume or plumpness. On the other hand, the Russian lip filler technique injects the filler vertically from the base of the lip and towards the border. It is focused on filling the center of the lips and increase the height to achieve heart-shaped lips. It uses smaller amounts of fillers but at more injection points compared to traditional lip filler technique. It is a more advanced method since the fillers are injected at specific injection points.

It depends on the person’s desired look whether to go for either standard lip fillers or to the new trend which is the Russian lip fillers.

Procedure, Duration, and Other Information

Depending on the density of the lip tissue and amount of filler used, the procedure may take 30-45 minutes which is longer than traditional lip fillers which only takes about 15-30 minutes. Russian lips can last for about 6-12 months with touch ups every 3-9 months to maintain the desired shape. Russian lip filler can be more expensive compared to usual ones since it is a more advanced technique which requires more precision and time. Most patients may experience mild swelling and bruising after the procedure but it’s temporary. Normal activities can be done after the procedure, but it is recommended to avoid extreme heat and exercise for 2 days.

Can anyone have it?

Not everyone is suitable for the Russian lip technique which is why proper and full assessment of lips are important to know what technique suits you best.

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