What's Your Aesthetic Type?

Kanvas Cosmetics

Some people today try their best to fit in, as to how they look or dress, some also do things their way and be completely unique, some just try to improve what they have. Some have it easy and natural to know what their style is while some struggle to just even choose their outfit of the day. Some could go out bare faced, and some prefer starting the day with full make up on. At the end of the day, we are all different: different perspectives, different tastes, different preferences, different inspirations.

Special mention to the Kardashians again for giving inspiration to millions of women to look good and feel good about themselves. Starting with the all famous Kylie Cosmetics, several have been trying to both offer and avail cosmetic treatments. Enhancing lips, cheeks and nose and wanting to make it all look natural.

We also have Valeria Lukyanova, a.k.a. Human Barbie and the Human Ken Justin Jedlica, they are living proof that anyone can dream and achieve to perfectly sculpt facial features.

Facial aesthetics are made to enhance and emphasize our face features. We rely on the power of cosmetic treatments to do the magic and help us feel better and get the best version of ourselves.

Get to know yourself and get to know your style.


Dermal fillers are designed to enhance and give plumper lips, defined nose, and cheeks. You can go for lip fillers, have it together with jaw and cheek fillers at once. Get that non surgical nose job, get rid of those scars and wrinkles and dark circles. Make it minimally attractive. Injecting fillers alone can’t get you that natural look you want to achieve, it needs proper execution from well trained practitioners, and high quality fillers. So choose your clinics wisely.

The Shape of You

Get those contoured jaws, cheeks, lips. Opt for some techniques that suit you. You could have the Russian lip technique or the Bratz lips. Get rid of those unwanted fats: dissolve them and make your face look slimmer than ever. Get everything perfectly sculpted the way you want it. Make most features straight, symmetrical, defined and evident. 

Getting Younger

It’s not just about getting all sculpted, your aesthetic could be about  softening those lines on your face, tightening and lifting areas and basically just treating issues brought by aging. Getting rid of stretch marks, scars while also regenerating hairline are some of the few things you could treat yourself with. More advanced treatments are now available at your fingertips, just waiting for you to take a look at them and consider getting that fresh, young, and bouncy look. A lot of celebrities have been known to have had rejuvenating treatments and prove that one can achieve a youthful look again.

These aesthetics are not the usual shopping, where you pick, choose and grab, it should be researched and thought thoroughly, we don’t want to have disastrous results right? And we should be having these for ourselves and not because simply “I just want to look like that”.

Whether you have the badass, or soft girl vibe, Kanvas Cosmetics is ready to get you geared up so you can achieve what you want, experiment and find the best style that suits you. May it be daring, bolder lips, a simpler, youthful look, or the perfectly sculpted features, WE GOT YOU!

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