Why It's Important to Let Your Skin Breathe

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So, the concept of ‘letting your skin breathe’: what’s it all about, why is it important, and why do you need to read all about it?

For a lot of us, the lockdown and work from home protocols have disrupted our beauty routines. Whether you do a full beat or just a little tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip balm on the daily, these past few months have all but taken away the need for us to put regularly makeup on (though we do know some of you still put makeup on even when you have nowhere to go to maintain a routine, and that’s fab!). Adding to that, being on lockdown has forced us to reschedule and even postpone our appointments with our favourite dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners. That means no fillers, no facials, nothing. Whether we like it or not, our cyclical and recurring beauty routines, along with all of our other routines, have ground to a halt. We’re still trying to develop our ‘new normal’, which may mean having to curb our makeup shopping carts and beauty appointments for the time being.

That means for the past few months, there are a lot of us who’ve been barefaced or nearly-barefaced, and without having gone to get any treatment top-ups. Even though it’s a complex term, we’ve been ‘letting our skin breathe’. A vacation from its routines, if you will.

And that’s not a bad thing.

In general, the concept of ‘letting your skin breathe’ is a very, very good thing.

The term ‘letting your skin breathe’ is a lot less straightforward because technically, your skin doesn’t need to be rid of makeup and aesthetic treatments for it to ‘breathe’. It just means that you’re giving your pores a break to do what it naturally does. According to Shea Amiruddin, director of skincare education at Heyday, this is what it means: “When we say ‘let your skin breathe,’ we are typically speaking of allowing your skin to do what it does best: absorb nutrients and water, excrete or perspire, and secrete oil and lipids without hindrance.”

Not only does ‘letting your skin breathe’ apply to makeup, but it can extend into getting aesthetic treatments, too. Obviously, we at Kanvas Cosmetics love all things beauty (especially when it comes to fillers and facials). Still, we also believe in prioritizing your skin health! We always tell our clients to do what feels right for their health and self-esteem. Our practitioners are trained and dedicated to educating them and managing their expectations regarding our treatments.

‘Letting your skin breathe’ by opting out of makeup and treatments is a great way to give your skin a reset. As the skin on your face does what it naturally does and your fillers naturally dissolve, you’re actually doing your skin a favour by giving it a break from any disruptions—even if they’re harmless disruptions. Makeup and aesthetic treatments won’t cause you any harm so long as you’re diligent about the ingredients that go on your face or under your skin. You’re making sure that what you’re doing is safe for you, but it’s also equally harmless to go facial commando! That just means more time saved, fewer allergic reactions, and less maintenance. Remember: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with rocking a bare, filler-less face, especially during these times.

When the world’s finally back on track, and every beauty spot’s doors are open, you can always fill up your shopping cart and book your appointments again. But right now, you can sit back, relax, and focus on your skincare routine for now—which is the most important thing!

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