Acne Treatment: Saying Au Revoir to Acne with Fillers

Not everyone is born with smooth skin (which is obviously normal!), and certainly, not everyone maintains the smoothness of their skin the older they get. Skin texture is finicky, and due to a combination of hormones and genetics—acne will arise. Again, completely normal, but there are cases in which acne scarring (adult acne, more specifically) will cause the skin to look pitted and have depressions along the face. For some, a combination of makeup and a rigorous skincare routine is the solution in evening out the texture and appearance of their recessed skin. However, it can still be cumbersome to look at without makeup, especially when the recessed skin is very prominent and can't be concealed by makeup nor healed by skincare.

For this, we have hyaluronic acid fillers to smoothen the skin! It's common knowledge that fillers can temporarily yet drastically change your facial features, but they're not just used for crafting a Kardashian-esque face—they can also be used to fill out recessed skin, usually due to acne scarring, to create a smoother appearance. How it works is essentially the same as all filler treatments: an amount of filler is directly injected to the recessed area of the face, filling it completely to create an even appearance. This is a great way to restore lost volume on the face for those who aren't keen on using makeup daily to conceal their acne scars.

But do take note that fillers can solve particular acne scarring better than others. For example, hyaluronic acid fillers are perfect to use for rolling scars (shallow indentations that resemble a wave) and box scars (angular scars with well-defined edges, like chicken pox marks). Ice pick scars (narrow yet deep indentations) and other deeper scars of the like may not appear as completely smoothed out as the ones mentioned previously.

Before the treatment, though, it's important to have a lengthy discussion with your chosen practitioner on setting realistic expectations as well as how far can fillers go in restoring the lost volume on your face. While hyaluronic acid fillers are definitely helpful in temporarily filling out pitted skin, if you're looking for a more permanent solution, this might not be for you. In that case, you should also consider microneedling if you want to transition into a permanent solution.

As for the treatment itself, it's relatively quick and painless (as with most filler treatments), and the downtime is minimal! Depending on the areas to be treated, the entire procedure takes about 20 minutes or less. Pre and post-treatment regimens are to be followed, similar to how you would want to prep and take care of your lips or nose after an augmentation. Stay away from sensitising skincare and steer clear from excessive physical activity. It's important to be gentle on your face post-treatment, especially during the first few days wherein bruising, redness and swelling are prominent. Make sure to sleep on clean and soft sheets that won't wrinkle your skin, as use gentle skincare products so as not to agitate the fillers. These side effects shouldn't last more than a week.

If you didn't think fillers would be an option for a broader aesthetics problem, there you have it! You can actually banish acne scars and enjoy smooth, even skin with fillers.

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