Baby Botox: Bite-Sized Beauty Treatments

So you're familiar with the highly sought after, Kardashian-esque beauty that has been ruling the online beauty world for the better part of four years or so. By now, we're all well-acquainted with the concept of ultra sharp and contoured facial features, thanks to the help of makeup and fillers. It's a genre of beauty in itself, and you've seen at least one person rock the look. But let's tackle the flipside to this—as beauty trends come and go, one constant standard remains—the ultra natural, #nofilter, fresh face that has begun its resurgence, rising the ranks and claiming its stake in the beauty world.

Yes, the concept of “natural” (or at least, undetectable) beauty has made its rounds, but thanks to the internet the term has taken on a whole new meaning. Natural beauty can mean going makeup-free, but thanks to game-changing brands like Glossier and Flesh Beauty, natural now also means beauty that promotes merely the slightest of changes to let the real you shine. Instead of telling you to put on layers upon layers of makeup, these brands encourage you to opt for sheer, glossy, watercolour-esque products. Minimal makeup and golden hour selfies are on the rise, and the rest of the beauty world is following suit, naturally.

Now that the new definition of natural beauty is in our lexicon, what else can fit under this category? If dermal fillers latched itself onto the Kardashian beauty wagon, then let us introduce you to the millennial’s natural beauty companion—baby Botox.

You’ve probably already guessed what it is. In the simplest terms, baby Botox is just like regular Botox, but smaller. Think of it as a bite-sized, casual beauty treatment, like getting your hair done or a mani-pedi combo. Often, Botox gets a bad rep for freezing faces and causing them to look unnatural and perpetually tense, and baby Botox is perhaps the best way to erase that stigma. If you are apprehensive about leaping to Botox, then you might want to give baby Botox a go.

Like it says on the tin, it can erase fine lines and wrinkles that Botox traditionally erases (like frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet) only on a smaller, more subtle scale. Baby Botox uses fewer units than regular Botox, which means the results won’t last as long, yet the results look much more natural and “undetectable”. If regular Botox lasts three months on the face, then its bite-sized counterpart could only last up to eight weeks—but the upside to the minimal injections is that they can be administered more precisely, just hitting those lines with the right amount to camouflage them in the most unnoticeable way possible.

The process is also more or less similar. It’ll take less than 30 minutes to complete one session (it’s even less than a lunchtime treatment if you ask us) and then comes the minor bruising and swelling that’ll fade after a few days.

Not surprisingly, the biggest fans of baby Botox are women in their 20s to 30s. Think of it as a new member of the anti-wrinkle crusade. In skincare, anti-wrinkle products and promises are not only given to women who have wrinkles, but to the younger women who want to delay the process for as long as they can, too. You’ve got the moisturisers and oils and serums—consider baby Botox to be a tier above these solutions. Even though the results may not last as long, the highly natural effect it gives by subtly erasing your budding fine lines out of existence can be well worth the money if this a concern of yours. They have roughly the same lifespan as a blowout, which lessens the fear of being stuck with a seemingly immovable face.

If you’re not entirely sold on Botox, dipping your toes into baby Botox might be for you. It’s a low-risk, high-reward situation at the hands of an expert practitioner, seeing as that you can pick which lines you’d want to bid farewell to for a while and see the results in a matter of days, not a frozen face in sight—just natural beauty (relatively, of course).

If running circles around ageing is a top priority for you, baby Botox might be worth a try.

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