Beauty at Any Age: Dermal Fillers for Mature Skin

We wholeheartedly believe in having radiant beauty from ages 19 to 99, but navigating the world of dermal fillers differs from age bracket to age bracket, for a few reasons. The biggest reason is apparent, though: ageing. The older we get, the more different our skin acts and reacts to certain products. Our skin loses its elasticity and 'glow' as we age, causing it to sag and appear dull (and this is 100% natural and normal!).

Of course, having a bulletproof skincare routine can delay the ageing process—with the new pro-radiance movement replacing the more daunting term of anti-ageing—but what if you're looking for a solution that even luxury skincare can't fix?

Enter dermal fillers. Though dermal fillers aren't permanent solutions either, specific treatments can drastically take years off your face and add that coveted youthful, radiant look back to your skin. The concept of achieving that face has a lot to do with having plump, line-free skin that can be provided by adhering to a carefully curated skincare routine and, of course, dermal fillers. From putting the volume back into your face to making fine lines (and sometimes deep lines) magically disappear, to having luscious lips to die for—you can have your fill of treatments to give you that extra boost of confidence if you choose.

Right now, the beauty world is all about celebrating soft, bright faces with smooth skin and full lips. If you're a bit older, you may feel like you aren't a part of that celebration. Worry not, for we have a few solutions that might interest you, mild or major.

Do you want...

...luscious lips? Pucker up with our lip augmentation.

We can provide you with luscious lips, however you define it. We're not a one-size-fits-all salon! If you want something a little more natural and lowkey, such as adding symmetry and structure back to your lips, we'll gladly do that for you. Don't be dissuaded by the juicy lips movement; all of our treatments are personalised and specifically cater to your tastes and needs.

...a more defined facial structure? No need to contour with makeup with our cheek, chin and jaw fillers.

You can choose from either having cheek, chin or jaw fillers (or all three!) to get that tight, structured facial shape you may have lost through the years. The great thing about these treatments is that they're non-invasive, meaning that only needles will touch your face—no scalpels—to sculpt your face to your desired look. We can also slim the appearance of your face and add definition back to the contours if you're aiming for that model-esque look. erase your facial lines? We have targeted procedures for different areas of the face—yes, we can make them all disappear.

Name any facial line you want to banish from your face, and we'll see to it that it happens! We use dermal fillers to 'erase' nose-to-mouth lines (nasolabial folds), mouth-to-chin lines (marionette lines) and any fine lines that you see on your face, including lines under the eyes or on your forehead. As a result, a line-free face results to a brighter, youthful appearance, and who doesn't want that? brighten and enliven sunken under eyes? No worries, have tear trough fillers to do the job.

Our under eye region is sensitive, and because of that, you need expert hands to treat the area back into looking lively and less sunken. Using dermal fillers, we can inject volume back into the under eye area and banish deep tear trough lines, resulting in a bright-looking appearance. Tear trough treatments reduce the need for concealer and take off years from your face (and hides evidence of experiencing stress or being sleep-deprived!)

We have plenty of solutions for all ages, and the Kanvas Cosmetics guarantee is all about giving you the face of your dreams with no excuses if we can help it. Are you interested in taking the leap?

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