Chin and Jaw Fillers: Sculpted to Perfection Without Makeup

Having a killer jawline has been a trend for as long as we can remember. There's just something about having those sharp edges that taper down to your chin that makes you look super snatched—it always goes back to having a heart-shaped face that's always in vogue! Even if getting a heart-shaped face isn't your goal (or isn't feasible via filler), having a contoured jawline is still a lot of people's dreams.

Of course, contouring your jawline through makeup is common in the beauty world, and there have been many trends and techniques adjacent to it that have soared (remember tontouring and brontouring?) but what if spending five minutes going to down on that contour powder isn't enough? Or, if you're not a makeup person and want to get that sharp jawline in a long-term, more natural-looking way?

Dermal fillers are once again here to step in and make your dreams come true. It may seem confusing as to how injecting hyaluronic acid can somehow make your jawline look naturally snatched, but it's possible. By using HA fillers along your jawline, it adds structure and definition to your face, thus giving it a slimmer look on the whole. No lie—it banishes the appearance of a round face or a double chin! It's not just for sharpening the jaw, but to balance your profile, as well.

And speaking of chins, you can also pair this treatment with chin fillers, to balance your profile further and really sculpt your face to look like you've been blessed with model looks without going under the knife or spending hours on makeup. For those who have "flat" chins, this is also a great treatment to bring the lower half of your face forward and even out your facial proportions, making everything look well-rounded and slim.

Much like using Botox to slim the face, there are certain contraindications for getting jawline fillers. Unfortunately, if you have a naturally wide jaw, dermal fillers might not be enough to cut it in terms of giving you a slimmer appearance. HA fillers may be a bit of modern magic but it can't banish your bone structure! However, if you're got yourself a soft jawline or a non-existent one, we can fashion you a jawline of your dreams from scratch, and add a little bit of chin filler—et voilà! You've got a profile worth putting on currency.

The really great thing about this is that it works as well as every other filler treatment. It all begins with communicating with your practitioner on what you want, and it's always a combination of your pegs and your practitioner's expert advice. Don't forget that we're in this together, and your practitioner will always give you advice that's best for you. Not even jaw and chin fillers are a one-size-fits-all treatment! After following pre-treatment protocol, at takes less than a lunch break to complete, and once the fillers have settled, you can enjoy your fabulous new jawline and profile for up to six months.

Thanks to fillers, getting a jawline akin to JLo or Salma Hayek is possible, easy and safe!

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