Christmas with Kanvas Cosmetics: Treatment Gift Ideas for Everyone

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you haven't crossed out every name on your gift checklist yet, don't worry! We've curated our most in-demand and fabulous treatments that you can pick out for your loved ones. No matter their age or tastes, we guarantee that there's a Kanvas treatment that'll suit them perfectly.

Before you read this list, please know that we don't encourage gifting our treatments in an unsolicited manner. We made this list keeping in mind these are solutions your potential gift-receivers have already considered getting, or both of you have spoken about. It's not courteous or polite to tell someone to change themselves out of the blue, especially on Christmas! This is merely a guide for those who genuinely want to get aesthetic treatments, not a manual on how people should look or feel.


With that being said, here's our Kanvas Christmas treat for every good girl and boy:

For the glass skin enthusiasts, gift them our Skin Glow: Rejuvenation & Collagen Boost Facial!

Got a friend who isn't a fan of fillers, but is a fan of facials? We've got you. Our trusty little friend, the Dermapen, is backed to give you glowy, radiant skin with our Skin Glow: Rejuvenation & Collagen Boost Facial. What makes our facial unique has all to do with the Dermapen creating minuscule punctures on the surface of your skin, which triggers collagen reproduction. These punctures will self-heal in time, and you're left with healthy, glowing skin 24/7. 

For the juicy lip-lovers, gift them our lip augmentation!

Whether they just want to try getting lip fillers for the first time, or they've been wanting a more defined lip shape, or they want to follow their dreams of reaching the ultra-luscious lips of their dreams—you can never go wrong with gifting someone a lip filler treatment. Our lip augmentation is virtually painless and yield natural-looking, long-lasting results, all with minimal downtime. Plus, if you get our lip augmentation, you get 50% off on our best-selling Conditioning Lip Balm with the code LIP50!

For the contour-obsessed, gift them our Kanvas Contour Package!

Lips, cheeks, and jaw: these are the facial features that a lot of us want to zhuzh up a little, so why not give your BFF the best all-in-one package? Enhancing your natural features and bringing out the best of your already-beautiful face is an idea that we can all get on board with, and with the Kanvas Contour Package, you're hitting three birds with one stone. As with all filler treatments, the downtime is minimal, and the results are instant, and not to mention unbelievably natural.

For a cheeky rewind of the clock, gift them our anti-wrinkle injections!

Let's get something straight, there is absolutely nothing wrong with ageing, fine lines, and wrinkles. However, if you've heard someone in your family interested in trying out a bit of anti-wrinkle injections here and there—just in little spots to silently banish fine lines or whatnot, there's no harm in that! Our anti-wrinkle injections are the most effective way to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and to firm up the face just a touch, depending on the result you want. It'll only take a few weeks for the results to completely take effect, and once they do, no one will suspect the work of our needle!

For a superpowered youth boost for mum or grandma, gift them our PDO Thread Lift!

Been wanting to treat that special woman in your life? Why not let them try something new by gifting them a non-surgical facelift? Our PDO Thread Lift instantly lifts and improves the texture of the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reverses any other sign of ageing with absolute ease. This is the turbo version of your standard dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments, as the results for a PDO Thread Lift can last up to 2 years—perfect for the low-maintenance ladies in your life.

For kickstarting your weight loss New Year resolutions, gift yourself our fat-dissolving injections!

...but only if weight loss is a priority of yours. If not, feel free to skip this treatment! And of course, fat-dissolving injections are not and shouldn't be considered as a substitute for diet and exercise, but it might be fun to come 'round our clinic to kickstart your weight-loss resolutions for the New Year with this treatment! If weight loss is something you want to take seriously next year, why not give yourself a teaser? Fat-dissolving injections can eliminate stubborn facial and body fat, such as a double chin or the hips.

For a full-fledged Christmas party, gift your girlfriends our Kanvas Group Package!

We love parties as much as the next person, and since there's nothing better than enjoying holiday festivities together with your squad, let the Kanvas Group Package be the perfect ticket for Christmas merriment. With the Kanvas Group Package, you'll get up to 8 people receiving filler or anti-wrinkle treatments, a Dermapen facial, plus food and drinks! Don't be afraid to make a day out of it: pop on a movie, bring out the champagne and chocolates and prepare yourself for a fun and beauty-filled day.

For a simple and crowd-pleasing gift idea, grab our Kanvas Skincare Set!

Looking for some last-minute stocking stuffers? Why not grab our Kanvas Skincare Set? This set includes our best-selling Conditioning Lip balm, plus everything you need in your step-by-step routine to get the healthiest, most radiant skin possible. From a facial wash to a face mask, to a vitamin-packed moisturizer, you've got everything you need to look even more beautiful at all the Christmas parties.

So how can you gift these treatments to your loved ones (and maybe even yourself)? With our Kanvas Christmas vouchers, of course! Our Christmas vouchers are beautifully designed, and you can write any amount your heart desires to make your family and/or BFFs happy.

To purchase our vouchers, contact us through Facebook, Instagram, or e-mail at We hope to see you soon!

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