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It's completely normal to sweat. In fact, it's necessary to sweat because that's how the body cools down when you're feeling hot or nervous. But some people may sweat excessively, even when they're not participating in any physical activity or dealing with stress. While there aren't any concrete indicators that dictate how much is considered excessive, there's definitely a distinction between a reasonable and abnormal amount of sweating. If you're soaking through your clothes every day and you haven't run a marathon, you might have the latter condition, called hyperhidrosis.

The cause of hyperhidrosis varies from person to person and the type of sweat they produce, though generally, excessive sweating in harmless. It isn't infectious and doesn't bring extreme physical pain in any way but doctors don't know why it occurs. In some cases, hyperhidrosis may result from an underlying medical condition. It's important to speak with your doctor regardless of the causes in situations like these, just to make sure that your excessive sweating is harmless.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis: primary and secondary. Primary hyperhidrosis, also called focal hyperhidrosis, is excessive sweating in certain parts of the body for no apparent reason. These areas include the underarms, head, face, hands, and feet. Secondary hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating all over the body, usually caused by an underlying medical condition or under the influence of medication. These medical conditions include pregnancy, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, menopause and obesity, to name a few.

Excessive sweating can cause a great deal of discomfort or embarrassment in one's daily life and often these people don't seek help because they aren’t aware of the solutions. There are actually multiple solutions, all varying to cater to the strength of your hyperhidrosis. There are over-the-counter and prescription strength antiperspirants, iontophoresis, oral medication, laser treatments like miraDry, corrective surgery like thoracic sympathectomy, and of course (our fave) Botox.

Although Botox is popularly used to repair ageing as an anti-wrinkle injection, it can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis. It's a widely recognised treatment for axillary (underarm), palmar (hand) and plantar (feet) hyperhidrosis. This particular treatment is suitable for those who are 18 years old and above and have exhausted other topical or prescription medication. In this case, Botox works by "turning off" the glands that signal the production of sweat, therefore lessening or even completely eradicating perspiration in the treated area for a long while.

The entire process takes approximately 10-20 minutes and is relatively painless given that a numbing cream is applied beforehand. Your practitioner will map out in a grid where the injections will be administered and using a fine needle, Botox will be injected under the skin in small amounts. After the procedure, you'll notice mild swelling on your treated area, which will subside after a few days. As a precaution, you should stay away from any extreme heat or strenuous physical activity for a few days, just to let your body relax and to allow the Botox to metabolise. Although the downtime is minimal, it will take at least a week to achieve complete dryness and you should follow up with your practitioner after one to two weeks to discuss your progress and see if you need to top up your dosage.

The effects can last anywhere from seven to twelve months but each person is different due to the varying sizes of the treated areas, how their body takes to the Botox and genetics. However, it's guaranteed that the effects are long-lasting and will last longer upon regular top-ups.

If you think Botox is for you, don't wait to get your hyperhidrosis treated. Research as much as you can if you fit the mark for a Botox treatment and schedule your appointment soon! Don't forget that it's important to choose a practitioner who knows what they're doing, especially when it comes to Botox. Here at Kanvas Cosmetics, we're a tried-and-true clinic with a high satisfaction rate and happy clients. Here's what a few of our clients had to say about our Botox procedures:

Just had Botox done. Would like to say I was really pleased with the whole experience. Everything was explained in full and will definitely be using Ash for further treatments.

I had my lips and Botox done today by Kanvas Cosmetics. Absolutely love the results already. Ash was so professional and talked me through the different products. Thanks, Ash!

Incredible results, my Botox has finally set! The difference is incredible.

Great experience for my first time in any sort of Botox procedure. Ash was very informative and professional and put me at ease throughout.

I had Botox today for the first time. Ash & Rui were fantastic, friendly, and informative. They made me feel at ease, reassured and answered every question I had. I will definitely use this company again, and I would highly recommend Kanvas Cosmetics to others.

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