Eyebrow Lift: Add This to Your Brow Routine

You’ve heard it before—the brows are what frame the face. Even if you haven’t got a full face of makeup on for the day, a pair of well-groomed, lightly filled in (if not brushed up) brows are what magically make you look put together and proper. It seems absurd that neat brows are what sets us apart from looking completely unkempt on a barefaced day, but it’s absolutely true! Eyebrows are like the anchors of the face: if they’re done well, or at least neatly, it holds the entire look together. If they aren’t, it can also drag the whole look down, and the effort of all that contouring and baking would have been for nought.

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know how to do your brows, or you’ve at least seen a brow tutorial somewhere on the internet (remember Bretman Rock’s iconic brow tutorial?). You’re probably familiar with the step that entails highlighting your brow bone with a light or shimmery eyeshadow, to make your brows ‘pop’, as they say. It’s a simple yet effective technique to ‘lift’ the brows, to make them appear more structured, hence more youthful—which is a look that’s been rocking the online beauty world since the rise of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Dipbrow. Although it’s not a new or revolutionary technique, it has been significant enough to do that some eyeshadow palettes and highlighters are now explicitly created to bring light to the brow bone.

But what if makeup just doesn’t cut it anymore? What if your brow shape doesn’t even entertain the concept of a lifted brow? What if your eyebrows have begun to ‘sink’ through the years?

If either of these questions seems like a thought you’ve had before, perhaps a non-surgical eyebrow lift could be your best bet.

Whether it’s due to how your brows naturally look or ageing, if your concern is to correct the sagging appearance of your eyebrows, then a brow lift might be for you. Using Botox, often even combined with dermal fillers, the ‘sad’ impression of your brows will be longer, and the volume that doesn’t appear or has been lost on your upper eye area can be restored just with small quantities and a few needle points. Botox can smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the eyes and lift the corners of your brows, while dermal fillers can volumise up your skin to restore the youthful, plump appearance that we always covet. The result is obviously a lifted brow, which in turns brightens your appearance and makes you look young and fresh—without any makeup.

If you have a fear of Botox or a general fear of injectables, worry not because, at the hands of expert medical practitioners, nothing can go wrong. So long as you’re communicative of your vision (since no two brows are the same!) and you’re diligent with pre and post-treatment care. It’ll take until one week for the injectables to settle and only then will you see the real results. Rest assured, your face won’t look or feel frozen, your lifted brows will look as symmetrically raised as possible, and with proper care, the results can last longer than the average shelf life of Botox treatments—which is anywhere over three months, depending on how your face takes to the Botox and fillers.

As we’ve touched on before and in our other blog posts, our brand of beauty knows no age limit. If you’re 25 looking to prevent the sagging before it even happens, our salon doors are open and ready. If you’re in your 40s or 50s and you’ve been eyeing to rejuvenate your appearance little by little, we’re more than happy to educate you on your options. Brow lifts are one of our many minimal-change-yet-high-impact treatments, and we guarantee truly brow-raising results.

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