Facial Slimming: Getting the Coveted V-Shaped Face

What is it about the V-shaped face that entices us all? Look through your Instagram feed and you'll see at least one celebrity with the exact face shape. It's all about those high cheekbones and a soft, pointed chin. The popularity of this face shape isn't exactly new—you can go decades back and see that a V-shaped face has always been in vogue, regardless of the trends or the eras in beauty and fashion. There's just something about it that accentuates the facial features so beautifully and makes you look youthful.

Some people are born with it, which means they can forgo the contouring or treatments to help slim their face. If you aren't a part of that population and you'd like to achieve the coveted look but you're apprehensive about going under the knife, there's one solution for you that's a little less intimidating (and permanent!)

Cue facial slimming via Botox. No knives or carving necessary—just the use of a little Botox and you'll have the face shape of your dreams. How it works is essentially how Botox works with every other treatment: it relaxes your facial muscles (in this case, your masseter muscles located along your jawline) and reduces its size for a period of time. There isn't a lot of complicated science involved in this, the most important part of this treatment is consulting your practitioner on how to achieve your desired face. You're the perfect candidate for this if you have chubby cheeks, a round face, or if you have teeth grinding issues when you sleep, as this tends to give your masseter muscles quite a beating. Unfortunately, this treatment can't do much if you were born with a wideset, strong-looking jaw.

Pre-procedure, you'll have to avoid medication like ibuprofen and vitamins, anything that can cause blood thinning, for at least three days before the big day. You'll also want to arrive with a fresh, clean face and have your schedule cleared for the downtime. The entire procedure takes no time at all, 15 to 20 minutes maximum, to ensure the accuracy of the placement of Botox. After that, it'll about a week or so for the Botox to fully set and you'll end up with a softer-looking jawline as if you've been born with it. It's important to relax and not to any rigorous physical activity during the stretch of the week so as not to tamper with how the Botox settles, or risk injuring your masseter muscles. Take it easy!

The results for this can last up to six months, depending on your lifestyle and how your face takes to Botox. There's always to option to have schedules top-ups every six months to keep your V-shape intact. The more consistent you are with your top-ups, the less you need recurring visits.

If you're interested in having your jawline contoured via Botox, the most important thing you have to do first is research. Don't be afraid to get super detailed and thorough about your chosen practitioners, your safety should be your biggest priority!

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