How To Take Care Of Lip Fillers To Make It Last Longer

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A lip filler is one of the most popular aesthetics treatment today. It enhances your lips and defines it.

This type of dermal filler gives you instant results and minimal downtime. This is one of the dermal filler treatments that you can get quickly.

Many of you want to look gorgeous all the time. Getting a lip filler treatment enhances your already pretty face.

So, you get a lip filler treatment. You are satisfied. And you ask, how long will it last? What are the things you need to do to make it last?

To give you some answers, here are some important reminders on how to take care of lip fillers in order for it to last.


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Always Follow The Expert’s After Treatment Care Advice

After a lip filler treatment, always follow the expert’s aftercare advice. Make sure you minimise your movement in order to protect the treated part.

Following the advice of experts will lessen bruising and gives the treated area a quick healing process.

Have A Healthy Diet

Eat healthily. Minimise eating junk food. When you eat healthy food, you keep your skin healthy. Include hydrating your body in your diet. 

Keeping your body hydrated will hydrate your skin. Once your skin is healthy, there will be no issues with the treated area.

The treated area will heal faster. Your lip filler will last longer.

Keep Yourself Under The Shade

Avoid too much sun exposure. As much as possible, keep yourself under the shade at al times.

Protect your body from the sun so that your lip filler treatment will heal faster. Too much exposure under the sun may irritate the treated area. 

Avoid Too Much Physical Movement

Moderate your exercise pattern. You can keep exercising as long as you regulate it. Avoid too much movement.

Too much movement will make you sweat a lot. Too much sweating can damage the treated area. Once it is damaged it might take a while to heal. 

Schedule Follow-Up Appointments With Your Lip Filler Practitioner

Yes, your lip filler treatment may last until six months or more. All the more that you need to do a follow-up treatment. Always make sure to do a top-up. Be mindful of the number of months when you did the treatment.

Doing a follow-through for the treatment will make your lip filler treatment last a long time.

Keep Away From Stress

Keep away from stress! Stress can be a negative factor in the healing process of your lip filler treatment. Avoid stressful situations.

Pamper yourself. Once you have a healthy mind, you will have healthy skin. Healthy skin will make the healing of your lip filler treatment quicker.


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To keep your lip filler treatment for a long time, you need to follow these tips. Once you follow these tips.

There is a big chance that your lip filler will last long. A lip filler treatment is your way of expressing your self. It is another way to enhance your looks.

Always bear in mind to take care of the treated area even after the treatment. If you are looking for a lip filler treatment, you can check Kanvas Cosmetics.

You can get several dermal filler treatments at a reasonable price.

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