Liquid Facelifts and Its Limitations

By now, anyone who has ever scrolled through any online feed has acquired a certain amount of knowledge about liquid facelifts—which is a fancy blanket term for any nonsurgical cosmetic procedure with dermal fillers, done whether on its own or in conjunction with other treatments. We'd consider ourselves to be adept and thoroughly in-the-know about anything about or related to that field, from dermal fillers to Botox to microneedling. And yes, we do stand by the easy breezy-ness of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures compared to traditional facelifts or plastic surgery, but we are also transparent with its caveats.

Dermal filler procedures, in particular, seem too good to be true as we've mentioned before. Again, compared to traditional facelifts or plastic surgery, nonsurgical cosmetic procedures are less costly in the long run and have the advantage of being temporary, which means in most cases, you can wait for your hyaluronic acid fillers to dissolve or have them removed with hyaluronidase if you so desire.

Despite the low risks, nonsurgical cosmetic treatments are generally safe at the hands of expert practitioners. But as we've covered in previous blog posts, there are always precautions and do's and don't's when you decide to foray into the world of injectables, as with all medical procedures.

What It Can Do

Let's start with the most obvious. Dermal fillers can plump areas of the skin or even your whole face, depending on your treatment. They can enhance your facial features in several ways: transforming your lips to look more symmetrical or juicier; they can straighten a crooked nose, fill in bumps or lift the tip to create the illusion of a smaller nose; and they can sculpt your cheeks, jaw, and chin to achieve your desired facial structure.

These are all temporary procedures that more or less come with the same precautions of needing diligent prep and care, as well as swelling and bruising for downtime.

What It Can't Do

Now comes reality. While liquid facelifts can perform minor miracles, these treatments are not permanent problem-solvers, and cannot absolutely fix every single concern you have about your appearance.

Dermal fillers can't change the size of your nose. It can only create the illusion of a smaller nose by strategically placing fillers in areas that would make it look symmetrical or balanced. If you're looking to alter the size of the tip or the bridge altogether, this treatment might not be for you.

Dermal fillers also can't entirely remove deep-set facial lines. If they're deeply etched in there, like smile lines, there is no 100% guarantee that they can be erased purely by fillers alone. In this instance, a combination of fillers and Botox may be an option. Of course, this is a case-by-case basis, but expert practitioners would be aware that not everything is solvable with fillers, and they should be able to inform you as such.

The reason why they call it a liquid facelift is that these solutions occur by merely injecting liquid into the skin. These liquids will dissolve, and do not have the advantage of correcting any issues about the tightening of the skin—if you're looking for a solution to that, a traditional facelift may be more suited for you.

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