#MyKanvas: Beauty is for All Ages

#MyKanvas round 2!

Meet Marina, another former client with a testimony. If it wasn't obvious already—here at Kanvas, we advocate that beauty is for all ages, and you get to define what beauty means. If rewinding the clock is the aim of your game, we're down. If you just want to savour your current mug, we're down for that, too! Our comprehensive list of treatments is guaranteed to cater to what you want, no matter how specifics you want to be.

But that's enough about us! Read on to find out Marina's quick thoughts on her Kanvas experience.

Generally, how do you feel about yourself or your appearance?

I don’t particularly have anything I want to change about my appearance in terms of structure or shape. I am a confident woman, and I have always been happy with my appearance. However, I reached out to Kanvas Cosmetics to slow down the effects of ageing, as I wanted to maintain my current appearance.

What were your first impressions or assumptions of dermal filler treatments? Have they changed since going to Kanvas Cosmetics?

I was amazed at Kanvas Cosmetics’ dermal filler treatments and the results they produced. When I found out about their range of advanced anti-wrinkle treatments, I did my research and then enquired! Not many aesthetics companies offer a full comprehensive range of treatments, which include the likes of Profhilo and PDO thread facelift—so this was very attractive.

How do you feel since your treatment?

I had a Profhilo treatment and was amazed at the results. I have had a lot of compliments since my treatment on the fullness of my skin—I am literally glowing!

What can you say to others who are considering dermal filler treatments?

If you are considering non-surgical treatments with Kanvas—I’d say go for it!

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