The Best Dermal Fillers For Beginners You Can Learn Right Away

Wrinkles are part of growing older. They make your skin look more mature. You cannot stop time but you can minimize wrinkles.

Dermal fillers are here. Dermal fillers make you get rid of wrinkles and give you younger-looking skin.

What are dermal fillers? These are small injections of gel. Most of the time these are made of hyaluronic acid.

You can inject dermal fillers to different parts of your face. Dermal fillers add some tissue into your wrinkles giving your skin a tighter look.

You can inject dermal fillers around your eyes, mouth and jawline, and cheeks. You can also inject fillers directly to your lips.

This process is called lip filler treatment. If you pursue a career in aesthetics, you need to know the different types of dermal fillers.


As a beginner, here are some of the best dermal fillers that you can learn.

Lip Filler

A perfect solution to plumpness and full appearance of your lips. Lip filler treatment is the process in which the gel is injected directly to your lips. You can control the shape of your desired lip outcome. 

It only takes 20-30 minutes for the whole procedure to finish. The aesthetic practitioner makes sure that you get symmetrical lips.

This is one of the best dermal fillers that you need to learn if you are wanting to have a career in aesthetics. 

Non-Surgical Nose Job

 Another dermal filler that’s worth learning if you are training as an aesthetics practitioner is the non-surgical nose job.

This procedure alters your nose temporarily. It can last from three months to two years and the gel slowly dissolves.

This is not so bad especially if you want to alter your nose without surgery. A non-surgical nose job is a way to go.

Once you advance your aesthetics career, you’ll know that the non-surgical nose job only takes 20-30 minutes to finish. Learn this dermal filler treatment by getting a certificate at Kanvas Training Academy.

Jaw and Chin Definition

Here is another dermal filler treatment that you can learn. The process of injecting happens around the jawline and the chin.

Once you become an aesthetics practitioner, you will be helping individuals achieve the jaw and chin that they desire.

This procedure enhances the look. Some individuals become more confident once they enhance their looks even if it involves chin and jawline definition through dermal fillers.

Get a certificate for this procedure and take your career in aesthetics to the next level.

Cheek Augmentation

Once you become an aesthetics practitioner, you will understand that there are many who want to have a cheek augmentation.

Dermal fillers are injected under the skin of your cheekbones.

Most of the time, this treatment gives someone a defined cheekbone. As a beginner in aesthetics, the cheek augmentation is worth learning.

You get to practice your career after getting a certificate.

Nose To Mouth Lines

Help people smile more without any laugh lines. Learn how to administer nose to mouth lines dermal fillers.

You can get a certificate as an aesthetics practitioner in order to do this procedure.

A gel is injected in between the skin of your mouth lines. This dermal filler treatment adds beauty. Taking a career in aesthetics is easy.

You can enroll at a course in Kanvas Training Academy.



Tear Trough

Make someone look relaxed by doing the tear through filler treatment. If you want to advance your career in aesthetics, learning the tear trough dermal filler is essential.

Getting a career in aesthetics does not stop learning lip filler treatments. The tear trough is the crease between your eyes and your cheeks. Make it look younger by getting a tear trough treatment. 

As a practitioner, you need to learn more. You need to advance your career in the aesthetics industry. Learning the tear trough treatment will give you more skills and can completely become an aesthetics practitioner.

Mouth to Chin Lines (Marionette Lines)

Mouth to chin lines can add numbers to your years. Injecting dermal fillers in this area will make you look younger. As a practitioner, this is another dermal filler treatment that you need to learn.

You inject a gel between your mouth to chin lines. You can move along with your career in the aesthetics industry and still learn more. Just like the mouth to chin lines dermal treatment.

Scar & Wrinkle Lines Filled Out

Make it matter for someone. Give them the dermal filler they need. As a practitioner, you need to know more about scar and wrinkle lines of filler treatment.

Once you know how to do this, you can help someone gain self-confidence again.


Advancing your career in the aesthetics industry is easy. You simply need to get a training certificate to practice aesthetics. Learn these dermal filler treatments here and let your career in aesthetics advance.

Make sure you have the qualifications to take the training. Kanvas Training Academy has training for beginners. Make your time worth it. Get a certificate now.

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