The Different Volumes of Lip Fillers

0.5 ml, 1 ml, 1.5 ml, 2 ml—what's the difference? We'll tell you all about it.

0.5 ml

0.5 ml of filler is also known as a "half amount". 0.5 ml is perfect for three kinds of people: 1) lip filler newbies who are apprehensive about getting fillers; 2) those who want that naturally enhanced, "my lips but better" look; 3) and those who just want to add a bit of structure and definition to their lip lines.

For lip fillers newbies, 0.5 ml is always the amount we recommend. It's an excellent starting point for lip fillers because it doesn't give you a drastic difference, and if anything, it gives your lips a "preview" of what it can look like if you committed to the full 1 ml.

In the same vein, 0.5 ml is the best choice for those who want a "my lips but better" (or MLBB) look, because we totally dig the natural look, too! If you're not a fan of big, juicy lips and just want a lip look that's still you but with a hint of plumpness—0.5 ml is the way to go.

And if you've got a blurry lip line, 0.5 ml is another excellent option! You can use the 0.5 ml to crisp up your lip line instead of adding volume to your lips. We call this a "lip reshape", and it's essentially injecting the filler around your lips to strengthen the "borders" of your lips. If you're tired of using a lip liner to get the definition you want, get the 0.5 ml!

Also, if you don't want to use the 0.5 ml on both your top and bottom lip, you can use it to add volume on one lip to give your lips a balanced and symmetrical appearance. It's often that our clients use 0.5 ml to fill out their top lip so that it matches the volume of their bottom lip.

P.S., when you get the 0.5 ml on the day of your treatment, and you decide you want more, you can always ask to get the other 0.5 ml for the full 1 ml!

1 ml

1 ml is the "full amount", or more generally known as the standard amount of lip filler. It's highly likely that this is the amount your favourite YouTubers and influencers get, and for a good reason! It's the go-to volume to give your lips that boost of juiciness, but it's not OTT to the point where you know they're fillers. For us, it delicately balances the line of natural and enhanced.

The difference between 0.5 ml and 1 ml is that with 1 ml, you'll definitely notice the difference. But that's not to say that your lips will look unnatural! You can still get that "natural but enhanced" lip look, but this depends on your natural lip shape. If you have medium or large-sized, full lips, then 1 ml can still hit the "natural but enhanced" mark. But if you have naturally thin lips, getting 1 ml is going to change the shape of your lips drastically. Your lips will instantly look more prominent, fuller, and have a more defined structure.

Think of it this way: if 0.5 ml is more of a "fixer" amount of filler where it can restructure your lip shape, 1 ml is the amount that definitely gives you volumized lips.

1.5 ml

Getting 1.5 ml is where the juiciness starts. This is where you'll begin to notice a far more rounded lip shape, as compared to 1 ml. Your lips will definitely look extra full and extra juicy.

Think of Kylie Jenner pre-pregnancy, where her lips looked absolutely plump and symmetrical. Of course, her bottom lip looked more prominent than her top lip, but with your 1.5 ml, you get to decide if you want an even amount of filler on both lips or have 0.5 ml on your top lip and 1 ml on your bottom lip. Or you want to switch up the amounts because of an uneven lip shape—it's all you, we don't judge!

It's with 1.5 ml where you'll notice a legitimate fullness on your lips, where it accentuates your entire lip shape. You'll get a sharper, more prominent cupid's bow, more defined lip corners, and if you looked at your profile shot (meaning a side view), you'd notice your lips looking super plump.

With 1.5 ml, you're definitely entering the noticeable pouty lips territory, and if it's that the aim of your game, all the better! This is the volume you should get if your lip inspo consists of the Kardashian-Jenners, Priyanka Chopra, Angelina Jolie, or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

2 ml

So, you want maximum juiciness? Our 2 ml will scratch that itch for you. This amount of filler is for the real big lip lovers, the ones who want to get those classic Angeline Jolie lips and then some.

But worry not: 2 ml won't give you the often-mocked, questionable-looking, bordering on swollen duck lips. This seems like a common assumption that 2 ml means bloated or OTT to the point of regret. No matter the amount of filler, here's what you should remember: a great practitioner who knows what they're doing will make your lips look beautiful regardless of the size.

What 2 ml will actually do for you is give your lips a picture-perfect look of fullness, plumpness, and definition. Frequently, the ladies (and lads) who are big into bold makeup looks are the ones who get 2 ml, but there are also the ones who want really impactful-looking lips on the regular.

These lips will look ultra-defined, and realistically, these lips won't look as natural as the other volumes regardless of your facial structure, unless you're Michelle Phan. But like we said, we don't judge. We've got expert practitioners who've got your back for the entire treatment, and we're all about client satisfaction!

Speaking of expert practitioners, this is a thought we advocate: even though fillers are magical, they aren't absolute miracle workers. There will be times where we can't miraculously turn paper-thin lips into Kylie Jenner lips, but this shouldn't be taken as a negative. This is why consultations are essential. It's critical to speak with your practitioner to communicate with them and tell them your vision. It's their responsibility to manage your expectations and give you a feasible plan of action. As we always say, teamwork makes the dream work!

And with everything else, research should be your first priority. Once you're well-informed with the world of lip fillers and you've spoken with your chosen practitioner, that's only when the magic can happen. So read up, book a consultation afterwards, and let's get it done!

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