Wanna Get the #LoveIslandLook?

Been tuning into Love Island lately? Well, regardless if you've been up to date 24/7 or just finished binging the latest episodes this weekend, we've rounded up a recipe of sorts for the ultimate #LoveIslandLook. It's that "effortlessly chic and glowing" vibe that's definitely taking over the season, and we're absolutely loving it. There's no doubt this year's roster of ladies are gorgeous, and if you've been looking for a guide on how to cop their summer-ready mugs, whether in preparation for a trip of your own or just out of curiosity, we've got you! In the mix, we've got some beauty and hair advice, plus some extra tips you may or may not already know.

A Tan from the Gods

Nothing screams Love Island than a good, roasty-toasty tan. Beautiful sun-kissed skin has always been in, and the peak of Love Island season is no exception! Even if you aren't going on holiday, a tan never hurt anybody, natural or otherwise. Whether it's dropping by at your favourite and trusted salon or going DYI, a fresh tan will never do you wrong.

Ultra Beachy Hair

It's technically in the name—Love Island is all about that island vacay life, and that starts with getting those textured locks that scream "I'm living my best life" while still looking smooth and healthy. We recommend pairing your favourite wave spray with nourishing hair oil, to get the best of both worlds. Tangled, matted hair and split ends are the furthest thing from cute!

Glass Face

In all honesty, the secret the glass skin is an airtight skincare regimen paired by a naturally dewy and glossy highlighter. However, beach = sun = suncare. Sunscreen will always, always be in trend, so never forget to wear to SPF alongside your #LoveIslandLook!

Smooth and Shiny Skin

If you're the type who believes that bikini and Brazilian waxes are a no-brainer for every summery, sun-kissed look, we totally get you. Rocking a bangin' bikini that's IG-worthy is a legitimate priority for some women, and we're here for it! Jot down "get a wax" from your #LoveIslandLook list if your goal is also to have your Sports Illustrated model moment if you're planning on stunting for your next beach trip.

The "Effortless" Face

Effortless in air quotes meaning there may be a bit of facial tweaking involved, but if you're going on holiday then you'd want semi-permanent treatments that'll last you your whole trip to lessen the fuss, right? This is where lashes and lips come into play. Whether your beach trip is for a week or you're going island hopping for the summer, you'd be all set if you had a fresh set of lash extensions and super juicy lips all ready to go—and ready to last the summer!

IG-Worthy Nails

In the same route as getting fresh lashes and lips for your #LoveIslandLook, why not get a durable set of gel nails to seal the deal on your holiday preparation list? You can keep it simple with neutral colours, which is great to pair with any outfit you've packed, or you can go extra and have those neon pink coffin nails ready for display for every drink pic!

Consider this your checklist to have your own Love Island moment. If you're ready to get your #LoveIslandLook but don't know where to start, may we suggest our own Love Island Package?

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