Dermal Fillers Foundation, Advanced & Ultra Advanced

This heavily advanced dermal filler course is designed to teach students all aspects of dermal filler from foundation techniques through to ultra advanced. This course is taken over 2-3 days allowing students to get the full benefits of each treatment and full understanding on how to treat clients for each procedure.

 Students will train in all the foundation and advanced treatments. Students will be trained in the administering of dermal fillers to treat lip augmentation,  deep tear troughs, reconstruction of the nose as well as jaw contour, cheek enhancement, scar indentation and the use of hyaluronidase.

Training includes a more hands-on approach to teaching the students on how to treat and volumise the under eye area of a patient through dermal fillers as well as bridge building and contouring of the nose. This course uses a combination of achieving theory and practical objectives: by educating its students through lectures regarding the in-depth usage of dermal fillers, hyaluronidase, anatomy and physiology of the eye and lid, medical etiquette, injection techniques and proper consultation guidelines; and through live demonstrations of the procedure itself guided by the leading practitioner.

Areas Covered

Lips, Nasolabial, Marionette, Cheeks, Jaw, Scar indentation fulfilment, use of Hyaluronidase, Nose and Tear Trough

Course Overview

Kanvas Cosmetics will educate its students on the following:

  • Fundamentals of aesthetic practises and various cosmetic treatments
  • Fundamentals of ageing and how to reverse its effects through dermal fillers
  • Pharmacology on the different types of dermal fillers, such as their definitions, general uses, and the protocols for its prescription, administering and usage
  • Comprehensive study of the anatomy and physiology of the facial features
  • Techniques in positioning and administering of dermal fillers
  • Detailed treatment advice (pre-treatment and post-treatment)
  • Hyaluronidase protocol
  • How to attain ethical, productive and insightful consultations with clients
  • How to manage and meet client expectations
  • Avoiding common pitfalls during consultations and procedures
  • Avoiding, managing and preventing client complaints
  • Informed consent
  • Use of digital consent form


Models will be included on the day  - practical training included

After passing the assessment, students will be issued a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

CPD Accreditation

The CPD Certification Service fully accredits Kanvas Cosmetics and its training courses.

This course equates to the following CPD hours/points:

  • 20 hours of practical training
  • 10 hours of theory
  • 10 hours total
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