Refresher Course

The Kanvas refresher day will allow established practitioners to brush up on their skill sets by treating models for the day in their chosen area they are looking to improve on.

Learn with a leading Kanvas cosmetics practitioner for the day, learning new valuable industry techniques. 

Kanvas refresher course is perfect for foundation and advanced practitioners who are keen to brush up on skills already learnt.

Areas covered

Any treatments

Course Overview

Kanvas Cosmetics will offer a refresher day course on the following

  • Fundamentals of what the treatment is
  • Fundamentals of ageing and how to reverse its effects
  • How to administer correctly and safely
  • How to obtain the best results
  • Comprehensive study of the anatomy and physiology of the face
  • Detailed treatment advice (pre-treatment and post-treatment)
  • How to attain ethical, productive and insightful consultations with clients
  • How to manage and meet client expectations
  • Avoiding common pitfalls during consultations and procedures
  • Avoiding, managing and preventing client complaints
  • Informed consent
  • Use of digital consent form


Models will be included on the day - practical training included

CPD accreditation

There is no CPD accreditation associated with shadowing


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